Azulina is the summer residence of a young couple.
The Aegean sea with its light has catapulted us into a primordial world, where everything begins. The house was designed looking at the shape of the Cycladic houses. The constructive choices are a synthesis between the autochthonous spirit and the contemporary style.
The volumes are simple but with a strong scenographic component, evident in the window, which becomes a stage from which to admire the spectacle of the Aegean and its color. Hence the need to evaluate functional and essential furnishing elements that integrate perfectly with our idea.
The Antrax Tif has fully satisfied our needs and we have integrated it within the domestic spaces, as a decorative element between a sculpture and a painted canvas in perfect harmony with the simplicity of the furnishing objects.
A nod to the 60s with all the comfort of living in the 21st century domestic space.