Antrax IT radiators showroom: Heat Has a New Home

An over 300 m² room to showcase the Antrax IT radiators that have made history and that tell the story of its growth, through real genuine passion for design, function, and technology.

Antrax IT sees radiators as a distinctive element in the architecture of interiors, an authentic designer item that goes beyond its function.

The heat always enters rooms in different—and sometimes surprising—ways, especially thanks to customization and the ability to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of even the most sophisticated or particular bathrooms or living rooms.

This is how Antrax IT introduces its new radiators showroom, a place that houses designer radiators that sprang from collaborations with international designers and architects and the radiators that have won major awards for their shape and technology.

The radiators showroom was made to communicate visually, laying out a path that stimulates the senses so that you get to experience the products hands-on.
A trip through the world of Antrax IT, or better yet, a place where you can live heating according to Antrax IT’s philosophy.
The space unfolds like a story and the radiators are arranged based on a concept that exalts the features of each individually.
The walls of the different rooms are hung with pictures of the design drawings of the radiators, each a brainchild of its inventor—from the tailor-made Serie T radiator designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, to the sculptural Android radiator, designed by Daniel Libeskind.

The radiators showroom’s concept was designed to give you a chance to choose a heating element with the same care that you generally take in selecting furniture accessories.

The radiators that Antrax IT offers today are the outcome of innovative technology that above all aims towards improvement of heat efficiency and cutting energy consumption, heating solutions capable of ensuring absolute well-being.
The exhibition area therefore becomes a real genuine example of “avant-garde technological system”; many of the radiators on display work at low temperatures, connected to a heat pump powered by photovoltaic panels and are tangible proof of heat efficiency and well-being at home.

So it’s much more than a mere exhibition area. Antrax IT’s radiators showroom was designed to offer architects, planners, interior designers, and clients a place to meet to try out the living experience and where they can experiment and get to know the products, trends, and sustainability, in a stimulating atmosphere. The room was also designed to be a setting for meetings or training sessions and to host special occasions.

The Antrax IT showroom is meant to encapsulate design, architecture, and culture to reveal the more creative, sensitive, and innovative tie between the design and the heat itself.

Some students from the design working team of the design school at ABAV (Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona - Fine Arts Academy of Verona) collaborated in the showroom’s making. This partnership grew out of an initiative created to incentivize direct relationships between ABAV students and producers.

The Antrax IT showroom is the new home for design that goes straight to the heart.