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Well-being starts with heat

Design, architecture and culture come together to unveil the most creative, sensitive and innovative bond between design and heat.

Antrax IT is a company based in Treviso, which was established in the late Nineties and specialises in the production of radiators for residential and contract heating, with headquarters in Resana.

Ever since it has been in business, Antrax IT radiators manufacturer has offered a new way of conceiving heat: its strong sensitivity to aesthetic styling has led the company to direct production towards heating solutions that go far beyond their specific function, and are turned into 'furnishing elements that generate domestic well-being'.

Antrax IT has contributed in a decisive manner to the evolution of designer radiator design precisely thanks to its ability to reinterpret a common everyday object, often hidden from view, and turn it into a creative component of contemporary furnishings, capable of skilfully combining technology with aesthetic styling.

For Antrax IT the radiator thus becomes a genuine object of design, a distinguishing feature of the interior architecture which not only fulfils its primary function of diffusing heat, but also enhances its surroundings, conveying feelings of well-being and reflecting the style, the tastes and the personality of those who choose it. Carefully and attentively selecting a radiator thereby becomes as important as choosing furniture and furnishings.

Antrax IT has thus launched a new generation of radiators designed to enhance the value of settings, guaranteeing maximum heating efficiency, while ensuring a better quality of life, and also energy saving, always placing a major focus on sustainability issues: all the production phases of its designer radiators are in fact managed through technologies with a very low environmental impact that involve the use of 100% recyclable materials.
Antrax IT radiators manufacturer was also the first brand to apply the concept of 'custom-made’ furniture onto radiators. Serie T, resulting from the partnership with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez is, in fact, the first bespoke designer radiator, made of extruded aluminium with a special T-shaped cross section, which can be customised to the nearest centimetre to adapt to the various needs of every setting, just like a tailor-made outfit.

Antrax IT has deployed the customisation concept across its entire product range: the possibility of customising the radiator dimensions and colour variants - there are more than 200 colours available in the Antrax IT catalogue - is combined with the brand’s ability to meet the specific requirements of the radiator’s intended surroundings, whether this is a bathroom, a wellness area, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom. These particular strengths have allowed the brand to distinguish itself on the contemporary heating scene.

Expressing the most authentic top quality Made in Italy in its sector, Antrax IT radiators manufacturer is today recognised at international level, not only for its product range, but also for its ability to create atmospheres, suggestions and inspirations, stories in which heat plays the starring role and enters different settings with ever different shapes and finishes, stories in which the radiator highlights its characteristics and astounds for both its design and its performance.

The world of Antrax IT includes designer radiators produced in partnership with international architects and designers as well as radiators which have been awarded major accolades all over the world owing to their shape and the technology utilised. Some of the most significant partnerships are: Andrea Crosetta, Dante O Benini and Luca Gonzo, Francesco Lucchese, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Victor Vasilev, Peter Rankin, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, and even Daniel Libeskind, Marc Sadler and Piero Lissoni.

A focus on the environment, on cultural initiatives in its local area and the desire to enhance its value reveal the interest of Antrax IT in projects that go beyond its production activity.
The desire to establish itself as an industrial concern which takes an interest in the cultural formation of its local ‘places’ is expressed, above all, in the direct involvement in initiatives related to design and that allow the dissemination of the value of products Made in Italy, initiatives that confirm Antrax IT as the 'ambassador' of quality Italian products.
It is with this intention that the company is creating the Parco del Design, a unique and mesmerising space, outside the company headquarters, dedicated to the community and designed to create an unexpected and enjoyable oasis of greenery where one can stroll surrounded by nature and by the unprecedented creations of famous architects and designers. A place where art and design ‘merge’ together.

The culture of design constitutes the soul of the company, which is why Antrax IT is constantly engaged in projects dedicated to training, such as the Brand Ambassador Master, and in initiatives related to culture and art, like the Arte Laguna prize, the new ‘design’ section of which - dedicated to emerging designers - it has become the promoter of.

With its ideas Antrax IT takes us on a 'journey' into quality Made in Italy, where radiators are confirmed as expressing the most authentic Italian design in the world of contemporary heating, interpreting Italian lifestyle culture.
Antrax IT creates special places where design and comfort come together to create new trends in modern architecture.

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