termosifoni design android libeskind orizzontale living

Android_NEW_I Saloni_2016

This is not a simple radiator, but rather a genuine sculpture, which enhances the appeal of your home, office or even hotel. Android, designed by Daniel Libeskind for Antrax IT, is an item with an innovative design in both its shape and in the technologies implemented. Its volume recalls Japanese origami, with its unexpected geometrical facets that appear to be made from a sheet of paper, folded and folded over again. The ensuing design consists of a dynamic sequence of angles and lines, obtained in this case from a thin ‘metal page’ that creates shadows and chiaroscuro effects that emphasise its composition.
As a supplement to the standard model, Android IQ is a more sophisticated version, where the profile bar has been cut cross-wise at a particular angle which further underscores its bold design.
Yet the strength of Android does not stop in its iconic outline: the concept devised by the famous architect in fact implies a major focus on sustainability issues, thanks to the use of 100% recyclable material and purpose-devised technology.
Its operation requires very limited water content and it is in fact guaranteed by a circuit that the manufacturer has patented, which allows it to be fully operational very quickly and accomplish considerable energy savings.
Affording high heating efficiency and available in over 200 colour variants from the Antrax IT colour chart, Android can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and it can be accessorised with a dedicated steel towel rail, making it perfect for use in the bathroom. Its shape is not linear and mirrors the style of the radiator, emphasising its expressive impact.
termosifoni bagno pettine

Pettine_NEW_I Saloni_2016

A name – ‘pettine’ meaning comb - which unequivocally conjures up its shape. This new radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax IT was conceived precisely as a macro-scale comb to 'beautify' our homes with. Just like the object it was inspired by, this radiator was designed to be an ornamental and functional element. On one hand its three different sizes means it can be used to create geometric compositions to decorate walls and on the other it is a convenient place for towels or clothing in the bathroom.
Pettine is made of a steel plate with an essential, rigorous profile in 3.5 and 7 elements and 68.5x55 cm, 112.5x55 cm and 176.5x55 cm sizes respectively. It is available in more than 200 colours highlighting its decorative value and giving dynamic and fashionable definition to rooms.
termosifoni moderni pioli scala

Pioli_NEW_I Saloni_2016

A product uniting classic and modern just as a ladder's rungs – ‘pioli’ - link two different levels. This is the image which inspired Pioli, the new radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax IT. Bringing together a range of evocations in its design, it is an original take on the moveable ladder which can be located wherever suits concept - against a wall, on a projecting surface or hanging on a hook. The extreme versatility and practicability of this object with its thousands of years of history has come back to life in heating décor. Its shape makes the floor and resting against a wall its natural place but Pioli can also be wall mounted making for a powerful style presence.
Two carbon steel rails extending 207 cm are the supports to which the rectangular section 'ladder rungs' are attached in unconventional way. Grouped into three 40 or 50 cm elements they give a touch of flair and eclectic style to a room.
Pioli's essential uniqueness is highlighted by black or white but it is also available in more than 200 colour variants from the Antrax IT sample range.
termosifoni orizzontali colorati ti_q parete

TI_Q_NEW_I Saloni_2016

An evolution from the TIF model, TI-Q is a carbon steel radiator with a rigorous and essential form. Its squared off edges are rectangular shaped with limited depth and fit into the various rooms of the house with sophisticated discretion or stand out as required.
Its ultra essential design is enhanced by a smooth surface and can be personalised in lively ways: Antrax IT's TI-Q can be fitted with a 'cover' in a range of colours to hide the valves located under the plate. It is an element which can be a natural extension to the radiator in the same colour or attenuate the total purity of its profile with contrast nuances.
There are 200 colours available making it a sculptural monolith if camouflaged with the walls or a pop-up relief element if preferred.
With high thermal yield, TI-Q is an addition to the Antrax IT HOME product family and is capable of changing 'skin' as required.
specchio radiante total mirror radiatori con lavabo design

Tavola Total Mirror

The new mirrored radiator which completes Tavola collection. It has been presented for the first time during Fuori Salone 2015
radiatore elettrico a muro bianco

Tavola MO-NEW

The family of radiator panels, one of the most versatile and effective produced by Antrax IT, welcomes a new product designed by Andrea Crosetta: TAVOLA MO, conceived to meet today’s market demands for more electric radiators.
The clean and basic TAVOLA MO radiators feature the same geometric style that distinguishes other elements of the collection. The product, which comes in only one electric version, is ideal for using alone and not in combination with other products. It was designed in one compact size that makes it easy to install in any space and setting, even the smallest.
Despite its small size, the TAVOLA MO takes full advantage of the technology and knowhow of Antrax IT, quickly warming the environment thanks to a heating capacity that can reach up to 1500 Watt.
The TAVOLA MO is the right balance between energy efficiency and high performance, and uses both the convective motion of air, which expands the heat throughout the room, and radiation, provided by the front panel which stays pleasantly warm to the touch during operation.

Consisting mainly of aluminium alloy, the TAVOLA MO is available in one 90 x 46 x 11 cm format, with over two hundred colour variations. It can be ordered in three heating capacities of 750, 1000 or 1500 Watt and it comes with Class II resistance, which guarantees a double insulation of IPX4.
The TAVOLA MO can also be ordered with the receiver connected to a programmable radio-frequency thermostat to enable adjusting the room temperature and turning the system on and off, both daily and weekly.

TAVOLA MO: real power in a small body.
termosifoni ultrapiatti tavola tavoletta piastra vasca design

Tavola e Tavoletta

Tavola and Tavoletta are two radiators featuring a minimalist, geometrical and almost scholastic look, but backed by a design that is worthy of the major iconic products which have made designer radiator history.
termisofoni efficienza termica flaps bagno design parete riscaldante


Flaps is the new radiator by Antrax designed by Victor Vasilev.
The idea behind this project came from observing the shapes and functioning of plate radiators. The 'clean-cut' shape of the radiator disappears when the accessory required to hook on a bathrobe or towel is added to it.
Made entirely of recyclable aluminium affording high heating efficiency, it is distinguished by a 3 mm thick plate, interrupted by flaps which give the radiator its name and which are used as towel rails.
Flaps is available in two widths and two heights and also in the electric version.
It can be made in over 200 different colours.
scaldasalviette-orizzontale vasca design bdo-h-20

BDO h_20

Towel warmer for the H_20 line set on the horizontal
termosifoni ghisa moderni tt


TT is the evolution of Serie T, Antrax's latest icon radiator, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.
TT is the result of the continuous and repetitive parallel attachment of Serie T profile bars. The profile bar gives rise to a radiator affording superior heating performance levels, even when operating at low temperatures. Owing to its particular construction, TT is the ideal solution in homes with high heating efficiency levels (passive houses, class A and B homes) and when replacing radiators or refurbishing existing buildings.
TT is available to match the customer's specific size and heating efficiency requirements.
termosifoni risparmio energetico loft bagno resina


Designed and engineered by Andrea Crosetta, Loft is a modern and eclectic linear radiator, simple but sophisticated at the same time, designed for those who live in city lofts and apartments in large cities.
The radiator is made of aluminium and its surface has a texture made up of little waves that create an unusual effect and make it soft and pleasant to touch. Thanks to its versatility, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically and up to three elements can be placed side by side.
The formal characteristics of this radiator ideally place it in contemporary style environments.
termosifoni colorati teso maniglione colorato ambiente rustico


Teso…a warm travel companion: discrete, accommodating, helping to keep things tidy, but with a handy hook for potential unsuspected mess.
Everything can appear perfect and at the same time perfectly casual, without ever arousing unease.
An unusual musical instrument always in your memory, but never created.
A free composition of shapes that, subjectively dressed, become new inspirations for decoration, never the same, never repetitive, breaking the mould, fantasy and taste personalised by a reassuring warmth, next to which you can hide at "cold" times. Architecture? Design? Perhaps…
Teso can be installed horizontally and vertically and in both cases can also be used as an elegant towel warmer.

With the new version of Teso, designed by Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, Antrax IT has created the perfect combination of elements: the radiator is placed at the service of order and comfort, but it can also coordinate perfectly with its surrounding environment.
As a matter of fact, the company offers the complete personalisation of Teso: the thin arm anchored to an aluminium plate onto which one can hang towels, dressing gowns or, if installed near the entrance, coats, which can now be requested in over 200 colours. The client can choose to opt for a stark colour contrast, a subtle game of shades or even go for a single-colour decorative-heating solution to minimise Teso's impact: the decision lies in the client's hands.
Designed in an extruded aluminium profile, Teso can be positioned both horizontally and vertically and is made up of a large 25cm module which can be installed individually or in two or three pieces; its height is variable and available in 150cm, 170cm and 200cm.
The colour scheme available makes Teso a decidedly flexible product: a technological ally which completes the domestic or contract spaces it inhabits with character, elegance or vivacity.
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