Designer fireplaces

Antrax started out as a manufacturer of designer fireplaces.
Find out more on Bubble: our highly attractive wood-fired fireplace designed to decorate and enhance the furnishings of any living room. 
The Bubble model is a designer fireplace with an open combustion chamber, with a significant scenic impact because it gives you a sense of direct contact with the flame. 
Bubble has a peculiar and truly unusual shape, as it recalls a large soap bubble made of metal. In fact, the name Bubble is perfect to describe its shape, one that recalls the sense of light weight of a bubble of soap. The Bubble designer fireplace can be ordered in two versions, either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted; the latter becomes the perfect choice if you want to install it in the middle of a room.
Both versions are made of black painted steel coated with purpose-designed paints that can withstand extreme temperatures.
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