Electric radiators

The Electric category incorporates and includes all the radiators and heated towel rails in the Antrax product range, which are available in the electric version.
Choosing an electric radiator is convenient for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is a good alternative if you want to supplement an existing central heating system without having to refurbish the room. Indeed, electric radiators work simply by being plugged into an electricity socket.
It is also an environmentally-sustainable choice because it avoids the use of water, and it can also provide considerable savings if you have an independent electricity generation system such as photovoltaic panels.
The convenience of not having to drill holes for couplings and perform work to install a designer radiator makes electric radiators a very popular solution in holiday resorts. 
Electric designer radiators can then be supplemented with accessories such as the timer thermostat and the receiver. These two instruments allow you to control and program when you turn the radiator on and off as well as its operation. Indeed, you can manage daily or even weekly operation programmes to allow the radiator to work and raise the ambient temperature to your desired degree.
There are a host of different Antrax electric radiators and heated towel rails to choose from: multiple models from the Design collection will accommodate your need for a radiator body that can also furnish and decorate its surroundings, or why not pick a heated towel rail if you need a designer radiator for your bathroom.
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