Modern radiators

The Radiators category pools together all Antrax modern radiators designed to be fitted in any room throughout your home.
The radiators in this collection can consist of tubes, and hence form a tubular modern radiator, or be built based on a simple, smooth plate.
The tubular modern radiators include the A_13, A_25, Trim and H_20 models. The A_13 and A_25 models consist of round tubes with a cross-section of 13 or 25 mm and they are available in either the vertical or the horizontal version. Should you opt for the vertical version, the models are called the AV 13 and the AV 25, whereas if you order the horizontal models the underscore of the name is replaced by the letter O for orizzontale (Italian for horizontal). 
Another variant is the choice between single or double, with the single radiator featuring just a single row of tubes, whereas the double one features two rows of elements.
The other two modern radiators are called Trim and H_20 and they differ from the previous two because their elements have a rectangular cross-section instead of the classic round one. This distinguishing feature makes them special and modern, ideal for installation in settings featuring contemporary furnishings. These two modern radiators also offer the vertical/horizontal and single/double variants.
The last model in the collection is the TIF plate radiator. This simple product has a clean-cut shape and it can also be fitted with a towel rail if you want to install it in a bathroom.
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