Radiator valves and accessories

All Antrax radiator models have been designed to accommodate the multiple valves and accessories devised to enhance their functionality. The most popular accessories that can be installed on designer radiators are towel rails and hooks. These two particular accessories are truly useful if the radiator is installed in the bathroom, where you need to hang both your towels and your bathrobes.
All the radiator valves and accessories have been designed to be stylishly appealing as well as functional, and their purpose is also to emphasise the shape of the radiator itself.
The Antrax range of radiator valves and accessories includes a series of products devised to embellish the designer radiator depending on whether it is a hot water model or an electric one. As regards hot water models, one of the very useful accessories is the pipe covering kit. The pipe covering kit, as its name suggests, helps conceal the unsightly appearance of the pipe connecting the radiator to the hot water system in your home. Another accessory that plays a very similar role is the cable cover: this steel product can be ordered in the same colour and finish as the heated towel rail on which it is to be installed and its purpose is to conceal the electrical cable of the radiator body. Both radiator accessories (pipe covering kit for the hot water version and cable cover for the electric version) are thus devised to keep the designer radiator installed in your home clean and tidy.
Further radiator valves and accessories in the Antrax range include room thermostats that can be fitted on radiators and electric or mixed heated towel rails, allowing you to manage the operation of your designer radiator and program its temperature, even on a daily or weekly level.
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